Sunday, January 27, 2013

Renewal, or Do-be-do-be-do

Self defeating behaviors arise when we can't allow ourselves to make a mistake without losing faith in our ability to make good decisions.  In other words, when we give up trying simply because we screwed something up.  Where would we be if all our great thinkers, activists and inventors would have just given up when they didn't get it right the first time?

This is a paragraph I wrote last year in an entry relating to the challenge of living a whole foods life.  I was inspired by the entire post, but mostly these last words.  It related so beautifully to the current reality for me that I couldn't resist the urge to start picking up my blogs again.  I'm not sure how they managed to slip away for so long, but life has a way of testing our endurance and ability to adapt at times.  Besides, I live my life in two different modes: Do, and Be.  

I alternate between focusing on doing, and allowing myself to focus on truly being.    Sometimes In a very real sense, my journey is Do-Be-Do-Be-Do!