Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fruit, Vegetables and Honey are in Danger!

If you have ever had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with a colony of honey bees, you know that these tiny insects are some of the most amazing and energized creatures on the planet.  Watching them work to feed, build and protect their community is truly a spiritual experience.  Honey bees create some of the most versatile and potent health products on the planet, including bee pollen, royal jelly, and of course, honey! 

What's more, bees are the number one plant pollinating insect, which means that they are an integral part of growing and sustaining natural foods.  Any fruit or vegetable that produces a flower needs a bee to pollinate that flower before the tomato, squash, apple or berry will grow.  Considering this, bees are probably the most important player in our quest to a more healthful and sustainable future.

Many of you have heard about the "bee crisis."  For those who haven't, basically billions of bees have been dying since 2003 and scientists have been unable to pinpoint and eliminate the problem.  Bee farmers around the country are losing entire colonies and sometimes their entire bee farm to this "disease."

But it is no disease that is killing our bees!  A pesticide that has been approved to kill undesirable insects on common crops like soy and corn has a devastating effect on our honey bee population, and the government and the chemical's distributor have been covering it up to increase crop production and  profits.

Please sign this petition to make a stand against this gross disregard for our health and the sustainability of our planet!  Thank you.

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