Monday, February 14, 2011

Be your own Valentine!

A short post today to remind us all to give ourselves some love today.  Yes, that's right!  You.  Give it to yourself, too!  You may have planned a special surprise for a loved one, or made a thousand valentines for your kids to give to their friends at school, but if you haven't taken the time to show yourself some true compassion, you are missing a vital ingredient of health and happiness. 

Self love is so often overlooked and can even be seen as selfish, but this could not be more untrue!  Being proud of who you are is healthy and loving yourself is a major key to staying well.  It is critically important to show yourself the compassion and understanding that you strive to show others.  If you don't love yourself, how can you love another?  How can you be happy?

Take a moment today to think about the things that make you truly unique and beautiful.  Write them down if you can, or even make yourself a valentine card that lists your best qualities and the things you are most proud of in your life.  Don't be ashamed of this!  Hang it on your fridge or bedroom mirror and revisit it any time you are feeling low. 

Do something nice for yourself as well.  Buy yourself something indulgent (not necessarily expensive) that you normally wouldn't, or simply do something you love but rarely find the time to do, like take a walk or a bath, or fix your hair or makeup so you look fabulous.  Whatever it is, feel good about it.  You are a beautiful and unique person, and no matter how much love you get from others, make sure there is always a special place in your heart for yourself.

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