Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Moon, New Intention

Today the new moon rose in Libra as my mind wandered through the cosmos in my dreams.  Upon waking I sat for meditation, a few minutes of quiet breathing and mantra, as I usually do first thing in the morning.  I visualized every inhaled breath coming through my crown chakra, the most perfect white light flowing into me from that point, as though I was breathing in the beauty of the universe and filling my entire body with blissful energy.  With each exhalation I projected that light out through my heart center, feeling it burst forth like a beacon of light from my chest and expanding to fill all the space around me as though I was lighting the room with my own radiance, and beyond that, the rest of the earth was bathed in this light, and beyond that - the whole universe.  I noticed the light projected from my heart was not the same light I was breathing in through my crown.  Rather than the perfect white light I was breathing in from the cosmos, my heart center gave off a golden light, somehow thicker, more tangible and warm.  The golden light was somehow changed within my body, as though the best parts of me were infused with the cosmic grace and when I sent this light out into the world I was sharing not just the beauty of the universe but also the beauty of my own soul, the infinite love in my heart and the grace and wisdom that I am slowly learning in my years of life on Earth.  My beacon of golden light energy seemed to warm the room and although the sun was not yet risen, I felt more than saw the light create a golden glow in the room, perhaps the whole house, or maybe I was lighting up the whole world with this golden grace.

I practiced Sun Salutations while the sun gently rose and I felt my body renewed by the experience of filtering the light and projecting it outward.  I wasn't depleted, but rather I had more energy, more peace, despite all I had given away.  As I lay in Shavasana, I again visualized the light entering my crown in its blazing white glory and propelled it upward and outward with my exhaled breath, sending a ray of golden light up and out into the heavens.  Perhaps you felt it, as the sun was rising, a sense of peace, a golden grace, a renewal of consciousness and beauty in being alive. 

I sure hope you did.  And I hope that you feel my love now, for all life and consciousness, for all beauty and grace, flowing out from my heart and surrounding you in the golden glow of life and love.


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