Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Tortoise and the Hare

In my experience, there are two types of people that operate on two very different daily speeds.  There are the fast types, which I will call the Hares, and of course you may have guessed that the slower types will be called the Tortoises. 

A Hare lives life faster than fast.  She has a ten mile long to-do list and somehow manages to scratch off everything on it each day.  She never slows down for anything.  She drives fast, she eats fast, she thinks and talks fast.  She is annoyed with people who can't seem to keep up with her but also wonders why everyone else seems to be less busy than her. 

A Tortoise lives life for the here and now.  He will procrastinate even the simplest chores and always takes time to do what he wants first before completeing his work.  He often is so busy relaxing that he will forget or put off important tasks or appointments simply because they are not as important to him as his latest hobby or pass-time.

Both Hare and Tortoise types can benefit from taking a few minutes to reflect each day.  I suggest setting aside 10 minutes each morning to do some self reflection.  You can meditate, read, write in a journal, start a poem or short narrative, sketch an idea, or simply sit and relax.  The point here is not what you are doing, but that you are doing something just for you each day. 

Hare types benefit by taking some time out of their hectic schedules to create a little peace in their lives.  A Hare who takes 10 minutes each morning for journaling, meditation or a hot bath will feel more in control and less hurried the rest of the day.

A Tortoise who sets aside the first 10 minutes of each day for self reflection  will feel more motivated the rest of the day to accomplish their tasks because they have given their mind, body and soul the relaxing moment that is craved at a deep inner level. 

The point is that everyone can benefit from creating some "me time." 

Challenge yourself to get up 10 minutes earlier for the next two weeks and do things in that time that you always want to do, but never find the time or ambition to commit to.  Or just use those moments to relax and thank the cosmos for your amazing existence. 

Let me know how you feel in two weeks.  Are you less stressed?  More level headed?  Or maybe you feel more fullfilled and have a more pleasant attitude.  No matter who you are, you will feel a positive change in your life, just by getting to know yourself a little better. 

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