Friday, February 25, 2011


My son has been troubled with reoccurring ear infections since he was a baby.  The first time we went to the doctor with a sick 5 month old baby, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic liquid and sent us on our way.  I gave my son the medicine exactly as prescribed, and after ten days his ears were still red and sore and to top that off he had loose stool and upset stomach.  He was miserable.  I went back to the doctor, and guess what they prescribed?  More antibiotics! 

Being an advocate for natural living and whole life wellness, I knew there was no sense trying a medicine that did not work the first time.  My girlfriend worked for a chiropractor at that time, and she suggested taking him in for an adjustment.  She said that her clinic treated many children and infants and that chiropractic adjustments could drain the fluids in the ear to clear the infection.  I took her advice, and within a week my son was back to his normal vibrant health.

Over the next two years we made several trips to the chiropractor any time his ears became a problem, and saw the same amazing results every time.  Within a few minutes of being adjusted his nasal and chest congestion would clear and usually within a week of treatment his ears were clear. 

Last week we noticed that his ears were red and he complained of pain in his left ear at preschool.  I called the chiropractor and he had a few adjustments with good results.  Then this week he began to develop a rattly cough and a fever.  He was so lethargic and not like himself that I felt we better go in to the doctor.  No surprise to me he was diagnosed with an ear infection and of course was prescribed an antibiotic.  Thinking that we needed to take care of this sickness fast so he could get back to his usual spunky activities, I decided to give him the antibiotics.  He took the medicine as prescribed for two days, and within about 12 hours he was running around and playing again.

On the morning of the third day, my son told me his arm itched.  When I checked it out I noticed there was a red rash forming all over his elbow.  Within a half hour the rash had spread all the way up the arm and was starting in on his other arm and even his cheeks.  By the time we got to the clinic the rash had spread onto his belly and back as well.  The doctor explained that it was a reactive side effect of the antibiotic and he should stop taking it immediately.  He had little else useful to say other than to watch for any hives or shortness of breath which are signs of a serious allergic reaction and would require emergency medical attention.

I headed straight for the local health store and bought a fresh bottle of garlic ear drops and silver hydrosol liquid, which is no doubt what I should have done in the first place rather than even start the prescription.  Garlic has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties and when used as an oil in the ears can help treat and prevent ear infections.  Silver has been renown for its antibacterial properties for centuries, but has only recently been released as a readily available immune boosting remedy.  It is available as a throat spray which works miracles on sore throats, a nasal spray for congestion, a salve for burns and other skin infections and also a liquid which can be taken orally in small doses to increase immunity and relieve bacterial and viral infection symptoms.

In addition to the silver and garlic, I have been ensuring that my family is taking a high quality whole food liquid multivitamin and mineral complex and of course eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Prevention is the best medicine, but when illness occurs, we don't always have to rely on antibiotics to treat our symptoms.  Often we can achieve the same or better results with a little help from nature and thousands of years of traditional medicine.

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  1. We've had great results with the silver hydrosol (Sovereign Silver) for any kind of "infections" (ear, strep, upper resp, even boils on skin). Hope he's on the mend! Don't forget a high quality probiotic to not only counter the effects of any past antibiotics, but to boost the immune system as well.

    Thanks for posting such great info.