Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fair Trade: for the people, for the planet

Last weekend I had the awesome privilege of attending the Fair Trade Federation Conference in Milwaukee.  I carpooled to the event with a group of local women who are making a difference by volunteering their time with Just Fare Market, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving lives through global partnerships and fair trade.

What I learned through attending the various activities offered at the Fair Trade Federation Conference was as simple as the main ideal of fair trade itself.  Fair trade supports and nurtures all the people of the world, and our fragile ecosystem.  Using consumer decisions to improve the environment and the lives of others is something we can do to create change everyday, whether it is through buying fresh organic produce at a local farmers market or buying a stunning pair of rain forest seed earrings in a fair trade store like Just Fare Market.

Change is implemented one small step at a time, and we all can make a difference by taking the time to wonder where all these products we buy come from, who is working to make that product, and what kind of working conditions and wages are given in return for their labor.

 Visit the Fair Trade Federation website for more information on World Fair Trade Day events in your area.

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