Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why Fair Trade Matters

Fair trade is not a charity, brand name or political perspective.  It is an ideal for equal opportunity for all people, both in our local communities and the throughout the globe. It supports sustainablility and empowers farmers, craftsmen and artisans who would otherwise have little opportunity to improve the quality of their lives.  Involvement in the fair trade program teaches these producers sustainable agriculture, conservation and entrepreneurial skills.  These individuals and families are becoming small business owners and strengthening their local communities.

In addition to buying local food, products and services, shopping with awareness of global fair trade can also strengthen our local economy.  When you use your dollar to support a fair trade product, you are ensuring that jobs in your own community are not being sent to foreign countries to decrease labor costs.  You are also casting a vote in favor of a higher global standard of environmental awareness which impacts us all.

Behind each fair trade product is a story.  Ask your local farmer or the shopkeeper at a fair trade store.  They will tell you the story of how a person's life has been improved because of people like yourself and everyone who supports fair trade. 

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