Thursday, September 29, 2011

SLS Is Lurking In Your Supplements

I can't stress enough how important it is to read the labels on the products and foods you are buying. Even health foods and supplements are often laced with harmful chemicals and hidden ingredients that are undesirable. For example, I was surfing through sites selling nutritional supplements and noticed this product from Herbalife which is seemingly health promoting, being made with fruit, but check out the "Other Ingredients" hidden under the nutritional facts. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate?! I don't want that in my shampoo, much less my daily supplements!

The Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate even states that prolonged exposure to the chemical can cause death. So why is it a main ingredient in so many health and beauty products and cleansers? Because it's cheap.

Read the labels carefully on anything you put on or in your body. Look for products and foods with very few ingredients and all of them recognizable. Avoid chemical ingredients in skin care products in particular because your skin is your largest and most exposed organ, absorbing all the different toxins and free radicals it is constantly being bombarded with.

If you buy supplements online for convenience, make sure you can view the product labels and ingredients online before you purchase.  Otherwise you could end up wasting your money on poisons like this formula from Herbalife.  Yikes!

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