Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Book of RAWesome

The most detoxifying phase of The Whole Life Wellness Cleanse is the raw foods phase.  Anyone who has tried traditional fasting for detox will find eating fresh fruits and veggies during this phase refreshing, however for those of us who are new to cleansing, eating only raw foods may seem like a prison sentence.  You mean I can't even cook my veggies?!

Raw foods contain far more vital nutrients and antioxidants because they have not been heated or processed.  They also contain high amounts of fiber, which is beneficial for removing built up toxins from the colon and digestive tract.  Raw or living foods are a main ingredient in a healthy diet and should be eaten in abundance and without reservation.
Plan your raw meals in advance as much as possible.  Having a recipe in mind helps us feel less overwhelmed while shopping for food and also reduces the chances of eating something convenient when pressed for time that may not be the most healthful choice.  Eating raw can be fun, and definitely doesn't limit you to salads for every meal.  Try raw soups made in a blender or food processor, energy bars and cereals made from raw nuts and seeds, and raw food entrees that will make you wonder why you ever cooked your food in the first place! 
Find some RAWmazing recipes at the following links:

Make sure you schedule time to shop for food.  You will need to shop for fresh foods at least twice a week to ensure that you are using foods before they spoil or their nutrient content diminishes.  Utilize local food as much as possible, such as local farms and farm stands, farmers markets, co-ops and food shares.  Find local food sources at

If you find yourself feeling fatigued or sluggish during your raw food journey, add some healthy fats to your diet, such as flax oil added to smoothies or raw soups, raw nuts and seeds or raw free range eggs, fresh from the farm.  NOTE:  Eating uncooked eggs is not recommended for children, the elderly or anyone with a weakened immune system.  Please take care handling raw eggs properly and use only the freshest eggs from a verifiable source.  Raw cheeses, butters and milk may be a good choice for you if you choose to eat dairy products.  Raw dairy is an extremely healing way to add saturated fats to a healthy diet.

Experiment with different ways to prepare raw foods, using a blender, food processor, dehydrator or sun drying.  Create your own unique salads and soups to suit your personal tastes.  Some prefer to cast away all the machines and simply eat the fresh foods as nature intended, biting into fresh fruits and veggies with a vengeance! 

A raw food detox is a great way to cleanse your body without adding the stress of fasting.  The best part is that raw fruits and vegetables are guilt free eating.  Enjoy as much as you like! 

Here's a list of raw foods that will fill your belly and curb cravings:

Raw almonds
Raw sunflower seeds
Sprouted grains or legumes

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